GTA Online Halloween 2022 Events and Rewards

GTA Online Halloween 2022 Events and Rewards

Get Halloween Vehicles, Masks and More in GTA Online

GTA Online's Halloween 2022 event continues for another year. That means it's time to scare and enjoy the seasonal additions to the game. Many players will be thrilled to see the return of some legendary GTA Online Halloween vehicles. If you've ever wanted to drive around Los Santos in a hearse with a Frankenstein-like monster emerging from a coffin or a motorcycle with a glowing skull attached to your handlebars, now's the time to bring it to Garage His Records. There are also some scary masks to unlock and a new Adversary Mode to try.

When will the GTA Online Halloween 2022 event take place?

GTA Online's Halloween event kicks off on October 6th, 2022. That means it's happening now and will run until Tuesday, November 1, 2022. Rockstar also promises "new Halloween apparel, collectibles, events, and fan-favorite modes returning" in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for future updates to GTA Online.

Halloween Vehicles Return in GTA Online

In addition to the usual new GTA Online cars hitting town every week now, we're back with a slew of GTA Online Halloween cars this month. Until November 1st, you can get it now by visiting the following categories on his website for Southern San Andreas Super Autos:

  • 2 doors: Albany Lurcher - $650,000
  • 4 doors: Albany Franken Stange – $550,000
  • motorcycle: LCC Sanctus - $1,995,000

Play to get the GTA Online Halloween Warmask for free

The GTA Online Halloween War Mask will be given out to those who play before October 13th, so be sure to log in before that date and look for notifications to see when it's been added to your wardrobe. For GTA+ subscribers, you'll also get the Mummy Outfit, Pumpkin His Hoodie, Gray Cracked Puppet Mask, and Dirty His Stitched Mask to play anytime during the Halloween event.

Take a short trip to earn the Gray Vintage Frank Mask

During the GTA Online Halloween event, you'll also have the chance to earn the Gray Vintage Frank Mask by completing any of the GTA Online Short Trips with Franklin and Lamar. If these sides accept his mission by October 13th, he will be paid double for promoting LD Organics products.

Join the Spooky New Judgment Day Adversary Mode

Take element withinside the spooky new Judgement Day Adversary Mode
Finally, the GTA Online Halloween occasion brings a brand new Adversary Mode referred to as Judgement Day, in which a small crew of hard Riders on bikes try and wipe out a set of susceptible Hunted in a lethal recreation of hide-and-seek. For every spherical the Riders begin on an LCC Sanctus motormotorcycle armed with a Double Barrel Shotgun and Stone Hatchet, even as additionally having extra fitness, speed, and different talents consisting of short thermal vision, plus fitness regeneration whilst close to their motorcycle. The Hunted, on the alternative hand, are susceptible however can select out up guns that the Riders do not have get right of entry to to, and the Hunted win if they are capable of live on till sunrise or take out all the Riders in the course of Sudden Death.

Riders respawn mechanically whilst eliminated, even as the handiest manner for Hunted to convey lower back a downed teammate is to do away with a Rider, aleven though neither crew can resurrect gamers in the course of the very last Sudden Death minute of every spherical. The odds are stacked in addition withinside the Riders' favor, as though any Hunted get too near they will burst into flames! Play this new mode earlier than October thirteen and you may obtain double GTA$ and RP, plus an advantage of GTA$300,000 in case you control to win three rounds, introduced in your account inside seventy two hours of completion.

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