5 Best fighting games for Android 2022

5 Best fighting games for Android 2022

Fighting games have been sidelined on modern consoles (not much has been said about the state of arcades), but for a long time, fighting games reigned supreme in the video game world. It was often the battlefield where players competed in arcade tournaments to test their skills or gathered around the TV with their best friends. Thankfully, the genre is still well-represented on mobile, with a nice mix of ports and original titles to please fans of fisticuffs. Expect more to come, but until then enjoy these great fighters.


Fighting Tiger is a really fun fighting game, but in the late 90's early 00's It looks like (especially the title). The story is flimsy and dated, but it doesn't really matter. You are here to practice kung fu with a villain. You can do it here.

If the story bothers you, try to escape from the gang, but they won't let you go. It's up to you to survive and save your girlfriend. Not bad for a game of this caliber.

Various items such as swords, guns, and motorcycle helmets can be picked up while fighting multiple enemies. Choosing combos and the right fighting style is the name of the game here, and you often do that when you're fighting bad guys.It's just good, no-nonsense fun.


Final Fighter has a strong old school fighting game vibe, which is a big plus for someone who grew up watching Tekken. While it's easy to say that many of the characters in the game are obvious rip-offs from other franchises (Sgt. Kane is clearly Jack-2 from Tekken and Kui is clearly Sakura from Street Fighter). That's part of the game's charm.

This classic style fighting game has very good graphics and the character movements have nice effects to support them. Controls are intuitive and mobile he says something to the fighter. An array of common commands such as grapples, low, medium and high punches and kicks, and special moves are all available here. To execute commands, there is a virtual analog stick on the left side that can be used to move forward, backward, crouch, and jump. On the right are a number of virtual controls for heavy and light attacks that can be used in combination. to form devastating combos.

This is an online game that requires a network connection, but you can play it in a variety of cool modes, from classic arcade games to 1v1 online matches to 3v3 team matches. Final Fighter is free and has ads and in-app purchases, so if you're looking for your next fighting game fix, be sure to add it to your list.


DC fans have Injustice on Android to keep them entertained. Injustice is now a fairly well-known franchise, and the sequel to Gods Among Us has been quite well received. Unfortunately, the gameplay lacks depth as you tap the screen until you win or lose. At least it looks good while doing this (and would be better for how much storage space it takes up), and the character roster is pretty impressive. Very similar to Mortal Kombat. The game has a lot to do, from 3v3 matches to arenas where you can show off your collection and skills.

If you like DC and fighting games, this is for you. Just like Mortal Kombat, have lots of freemium content like ads and microtransactions.


Hardcore fans of fighting games already know the name King of Fighters. Along with Street Fighter, it is one of the most respected arcade fighting games that has stood the test of time. This is a fairly complete port of the game from the Neo Geo arcade home console. Most importantly for a ported fighting game, it supports Bluetooth Android controllers.

Choose from his 34 characters from the original game, build his team of dream fighters and play against his AI opponents or friends in local his multiplayer.

The controls have a lot of customization and the gameplay is everything you'd expect from a ported fighting game. However, we do not recommend playing this game without a Bluetooth controller as the on-screen touch controls are too difficult when fighting hard AI.


King of Fighters is one of the most acclaimed fighting game franchises of all time, dating back to the early 90's and gaining momentum with a new game set to release in 2022. It makes perfect sense for a series with this rich history to earn its time on his stage on mobile. Hence The King of Fighters All-Star. ALLSTAR is a story mode arcade side-scrolling action that spans his KoF game history from 1994 to his 1998.

Like most gacha games you have the option to set the gameplay to auto mode, but with ALLSTAR you can still get a lot of fun by playing the stages in manual mode as well. Due to the visual depth of this 2D side-scroller, you'll need to group as many enemies together as possible before unleashing big brain-inducing combos.

Especially the graphics of the menu and the character selection screen are splendid. Everyone on this massive list looks really great. A lot of effort has been put into the environment as well, with a lot of variety in terms of sets and backgrounds. Some felt that the game was a bit too close to a pay-to-win system, others found the banner draw rate to be erratic, and reported serious bugs and long load times. Some players are Overall, King of Fighters ALLSTAR isn't a perfect game, but it's definitely one of the better fighting games for mobile and might be worth a look if you like fighters.

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