5 Best Offline Android Action Games

5 Best Offline Android Action Games

The library of action titles available for Android is overwhelming. Increasingly, however, many of these games are only available online. What should gamers do with unreliable WiFi? It's easy - see Hardcore Droid's list of the best offline action games for Android.

1. Grimvalor

Dark Souls inspiration can be found in all of Grimbalor's brooding corridors. From collecting the souls of fallen enemies to finding notes on corpses, it's clear that Grimvalor's macabre fantasy world owes much to the Souls franchise. Roll and dodge attacks from the terrifying giant demons that lurk around each Crypt and slam them from behind. However, it's a much more forgiving experience than many other rogue lights. Developed by the same people behind Swordigo, his Grimvalor inherits that light, fast-paced platform feel. Grimvalor is free to try from Act 1 onwards. The price is only $6.99. Swordigo's successor is well worth the wait and well worth your time.

2. Cat Bird

Today, mobile gamers have a choice of pixel art platformers. However, in a crowded genre, few people can reach Cat Bird for sheer pleasure. Every part of the game shines with pastel charm, and the emulated chiptune soundtrack is reminiscent of Jun Ishikawa's Kirby highest score for his title. The aesthetics are great, the controls are accessible and simple, but there's a lot more experienced players will enjoy. Levels are short and designed to be completed in under a minute, but highly replayable for high scores and unreachable collectibles. Play ad-free for $1.99 and it's worth supporting this fun title. Bring a smile to your face and a happy melody to your head.

3. Swordigo

Most mobile games from 2012 onwards survive, and even fewer inspire sequels years later. But Swordigo isn't most games. All decisions in the design of the game were made with fun in mind. Why is the player character from the beginning he can double jump? Why can you pick up and throw pots without a clear purpose? It's fun! And because the Zelda games make it possible. Swordigo is a Nintendo-style action-adventure platformer that looks a lot like the side-scrolling Zelda (fortunately, not so much like the real side-scrolling Zelda). Nearly nine years later, the charming cartoon look of this modern-his classic is even more appealing.

4. Dead Cells

What's left to say about Dead Cells? This stylish innovator in the "soul-like" genre includes Metroidvania progression loops and fast-paced hardcore combat. As you explore the side-scrolling 2D landscape and unlock new abilities, new areas of the game world are unlocked to explore. If you haven't experienced French indie studio Motion Twin's masterpiece yet, now is your chance. Get it for just $8.99 on the Google Play Store. Yes, it works amazingly well on mobile. Mobile His publisher Playdigious drew criticism from gamers early on, but has updated its port to be just as slick and responsive as the original title.

5. One Epic Knight

Looking for a fantasy-themed endless runner? Your days of waiting are over. In fact, they've been inactive since his 2016, but One Epic Knight is still one of the best runners he's ever been. The goofy tone and PlayStation One graphics are immediately reminiscent of Spyro, and the deliberately cheesy voice acting makes every run a treasure. Find traces of gold coins scattered on the dungeon floor. Especially when your next success is just around the corner.

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