5 Most Hardcore Android Strategy Games of All Time

5 Most Hardcore Android Strategy Games of All Time 

Strategy games have always appealed to those of us who crave tactical challenges. Among the mediocre crowd, Google Play hides some gems. But how do you find the hardest Android strategy games? Instead of spending hours browsing all the strategy titles Android has to offer, just browse through our list of the best strategy games for Android. is.

1. The Escapists 2

Excited by the idea of busting out of prison but not too keen on ending up there in the first place? Then live out your prison escape dreams in The Escapists 2 by developer Team 17 Digital Limited. To escape, you will need to be inconspicuous. This means learning your prison routine and showing up for meals, roll call and exercise time as your absence will be noticed.

The Escapist 2, like its predecessor, is an open-world game. Build your reputation as a prisoner by completing side quests. Craft makeshift weapons, disguises, and tools to aid your escape. Escape requires strategy and precision. Getting caught while trying to escape increases safety and makes escape even more difficult. Although primarily a strategy game, The Escapist 2 features his RPG elements, including character stats. For example, training improves a character's strength and is useful in brawls. Study to improve your intelligence that allows you to create more durable items. Escapist 2 is a prison simulator that is not only funny but brutally challenging.

2. The Battle of Polytopia – An Epic Civilization War

The Battle of Polytopia is an immersive Android strategy game to expand your empire. The game is made easy and challenging. Start by choosing a tribe. Initially he can only choose from three tribes, but with money he can unlock more. Each tribe starts with a specific unlocked technology. The Xin-xi start each game with the climbing ability unlocked, while the Bardur start with the hunting ability. Unlock technology, build stronger soldiers and expand your empire in this engaging turn-based title.

Domination mode allows players endless rounds and is perfect for new players. If you're looking for a bigger challenge, try Perfection mode. Perfect mode only lasts 30 rounds, so count 1 round. Battle of Polytopia has an online multiplayer mode and a local play mode where players take their devices with them. The tech tree is fairly basic, but the gameplay is balanced and rewarding. You will no doubt be sitting on the edge of your chair as you struggle to make your empire prosper. This game is not only really fun, but also offers attractive graphics.

3. Kingdom Two Crowns

Build your kingdom from scratch in the Raw Fury masterpiece, Kingdom Two Crowns. Take on the role of a trusty lord on horseback who must recruit loyal subjects, build an empire, and defend his crown. Each click must be thoughtful, as the player can only directly control the monarch. An evil creature called Greed attacks your kingdom every night. If they grab your crown, it's game over. The game also offers addictive gameplay and stunning 2D graphics. It also features a split-screen mode that allows co-op play where two monarchs build a kingdom together. Whether you're playing solo or teaming up with friends, Kingdom Two Crowns is an epic Android strategy game you can't miss.

4. Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville

A zombie apocalypse has turned the world's cities into rubble. Change 3:
Gangs of Deadsville allows players to rebuild the city building by building. Developed by independent developer Sara Northway, Her Rebuild 3 is a city-building game with heart. Recruit compelling survivors, each with their own unique backstory. Send survivors to search for supplies in zombie-infested buildings. After clearing the building, you can take it back.

You'll encounter other groups of survivors and it's up to you to decide whether to form alliances or take hostile action.In Rebuild 3, players have the option of turn-based or real-time his play. increase. The game also has hundreds of random events that you can deal with as they occur. Is it trendy in your city? It's up to you to treat the patient yourself, have the doctor treat it, or do nothing. With interesting characters, fun and challenging gameplay, and zombies, Rebuild 3 features:
Gangs of Deadsville is a hardcore Android strategy game.

5.Rebel Inc

Many strategy games let you command soldiers on the battlefield. But what happens when the dust settles and the soldiers go home? Balancing the needs of citizens and the needs of the military is no easy task. Ensuring citizen support requires funding citizen initiatives such as providing electricity and vocational training. However, the more money you put into your initiative, the higher the risk of corruption within your government. There are also government and military initiatives. It is important to keep your soldiers ready when armed forces move. However, taking a military initiative can anger civilians and erode approval ratings. If rebels are left unchecked, they can take over sectors that affect your support. Its unique premise and strategic gameplay make it an easy pick for the best Android list.

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