Dark Mist is one of the best card games you can find on Android right now

Dark Mist is one of the best card games you can find on Android right now

Card games can really succeed or fail on mobile. Some of them are excellent, while others are little more than cheap cash grabs packed with in-app purchases and ads. You can add Mist to that list.

Dark Mist for Android is a roguelike deck builder that takes cues from other giants of the genre while adding some unique elements to keep the format from becoming obsolete. increase. Instead of fighting one or two enemies at a time, he faces off against entire ranks, fending off enemies in waves until he finally defeats the leader.

It's like a mix of Slay the Spire and Space Invaders and the final product is a lot of fun. Don't be surprised to see Dark Mist sneaking into his collection of the best card games for Android.

Dark Mist starts with one playable class (Berserker) and by completing runs each time he gains a new class, he can unlock 7 more classes. Each class has its own approach to victory conditions, much like how different commanders work in Magic: The Gathering.

Berserkers, for example, are all about winning with massive, powerful attacks and brute force. At the same time, Bugmaster wants to use parasitic effects on enemy lines to his advantage.

We also have to consider the flow of the enemy. You're facing an entire army of enemies here, with a front line of 3 to 4 enemy maps being the only ones within range you can attack (if you can't collect maps that give you longer range).

Defeating these frontliners will replace them with the person who assisted them until you reach the boss. Defeating the boss wins this run. If you die before then, you can start over, build your deck, collect buffs, and try new strategies to avoid another failure.

Especially difficult is how health works. In Dark Mist, your deck acts as your health. Start with a life deck that draws cards and build a block deck while using and discarding cards. When enemies attack you, they take cards from your block deck and keep them until they die. Those cards are then returned to the life deck.

The strategy in that case is to balance your attacks, slowly losing cards with each battle wave and making sure you get your cards back. When the life deck runs out of cards, the block deck is shuffled and rebuilt. But what if your life deck runs out of cards and your block deck has nothing to rebuild? You're dead!

Dark Mist is a mobile version of the PC game, but it's ported very well. The portrait orientation works well for his UI in the game, and the card descriptions and event text are generally uncluttered and easy to read. This may seem like a low bar for judging a good or bad mobile connection, but there have been enough bad by now to know that this isn't always taken for granted. I have seen the connection.

My only gripe with the UI is that the text boxes don't always pop out properly. Enemy maps in particular require you to clumsily slide your finger to be able to hold the map while looking at the text.

Dark Mist is even better suited for mobile, as this premium title costs only $5 compared to $15 on Steam. This is great value for a very good mobile card game. They are also sometimes sold. I myself got one a while back for just $1.

Dark Mist isn't flashy, but it knows its core audience and knows how to deliver an experience that will satisfy roguelike deckbuilder fans. If this title makes it into your game library, we're sure you'll love it.

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