Top 5 Bus Simulator Game 2022 - New Bus Driving Game

 Top 5 Bus Simulator Game

01. Indian Sleeper Bus Simulator

Drive the world's most famous coaches through challenging roads that will test all your driving skills

Update News: 

  • New Big City
  • New Indian buses with detailed interior
  • Hard and soft shadow
  • Day and midnight cycle
  • Open world mode and missions
  • Better vehicle drivers and physics
  • Realistic environment and smooth-Graphics
  • BestBus driver with real physics
  • Improved game performance

04. Indian Sleeper Bus Simulator

New Features: 
  • New big city
  • New Indian buses with detailed interior
  • Hard and soft shadow
  • Day and Midnight Cycle
  • Open world mode and missions
  • Better vehicle drivers and physics
  • Realistic environment and smooth graphics
  • Best bus controls with real physics
  • Improved game performance



IDBS Bus Simulator India lets you become a real Indian bus driver! Featuring lots of Indian buses, this bus simulator delivers an exciting driving experience that will make you feel like driving a real Indian bus. Drive across many cities and become a professional Indian bus driver!

02. Indian Bus Simulator

The long-awaited Indian Bus Simulator is another comprehensive and detailed offering from Highbrow Interactive. After years of dominating the mobile train simulation world, Highbrow has focused on the bus driving games genre and brought to the table all the little quirks that helped bring millions of fans to Indian Train Simulator.

Indian Bus Simulator, or IBS, is a driver-based open world game that starts with a route connecting the

cities of South India, Chennai and Bangalore. The game features buses from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka state transport companies, as well as a fleet of buses from private operators modeled after them. The design of the bus is inspired by the authentic vehicles currently on the market.

Buses, both government and private, are designed with infinite customization in mind. Soon you can change seat covers, wheels and stickers. When purchasing, the user has the opportunity to choose between different engine variants and types of transmission. Buses also come in mini, single, or multi-axis form factors. The seats are also variants of seats, half-bed and bed that the user can choose during the purchase.

01. Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus machine Dutch East Indies (aka BUSSID) can allow you to expertise what it likes being a busman in Indonesia in a very fun and authentic way. BUSSID may not be the primary one, however it’s most likely one in every of the sole bus simulator games with the foremost options and also the most authentic Indonesian environment.

Below are a number of Bus machine Indonesia prime features:

  • style your own livery
  • Terribly straightforward and intuitive control
  • Authentic Indonesian cities and places
  • Indonesian Buses
  • Cool and fun honks
  • “Om Telolet Om!” (Uncle, honk your horn, uncle! indonesias-bus-horns-capture-global-attention-1482399670)
  • top quality and elaborated 3D graphics
  • No preventative ads whereas driving
  • Leaderboard
  • Data saved online
  • Use your own 3D model mistreatment vehicle mod system

on-line multiplayer convoyWith the discharge of Bus machine Dutch East Indies in 2017, this can be solely the beginning, we've been and can continually be change the sport and rising players experience. So, what are you waiting for? transfer and play game Bus machine Indonesia now!

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