Best 5 Zombie Games for Android

Best 5 Zombie Games for Android

Looking for a zombie game with a bite? Just like the zombie apocalypse is littered with undead, the Google Play Store is flooded with zombie-themed games. But which ones are worth playing? Instead of searching for tons of undead games, check out our list of hardcore droids below to find the best zombie games for Android.

1. Infectonator 3

Tired of killing zombies? Do you want to spread a zombie plague instead? Armor Games Studios' Infectonator 3 lets you do just that. In this pixelated arcade game, players spread zombies his virus one bite at a time. Complete goals to unlock other continents and spread zombies all over the world. However, uninfected people won't sit back and watch you spread the infection. Humans attack your zombie army and start researching cures. If they manage to create a cure, it's game over, so you'll need to use your zombie legions strategically. But why stay an ordinary zombie?Players can splice his DNA to unlock more than 35 of his undead with unique abilities. what are you looking for Download Infectonator 3 now and lead the zombies to global victory in this must-see title.

2. Dead Effect 2

Travel in the ESS Meridian and fight zombies and soldiers in Dead Effect 2. Dead Effect 2, an exciting sci-fi FPS from App Holdings, is set in the distant future. In the first game of the series, a scientist's experiment goes awry, resulting in a zombie outbreak on the colony's starship, the ESS Meridian. Dead Effect 2 follows the events of its predecessor. Soldiers from Earth come and destroy all evidence of the experiment. Evidence must be collected before it is destroyed. Soldiers and zombies won't be easy for you, though.

Dead Effect 2's main campaign offers over 20 hours of gameplay. That's impressive considering some AAA console games barely offer 10 hours of gameplay for him. The title also includes a large amount of body implants for the player to enhance his character's abilities. An intriguing storyline, stunning graphics, tons of guns and body implants to collect make Dead Effect 2 one of the best zombie games for Android.

3. The Walking Dead Game Series

Follow Clementine's journey through the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead game series. Originally from Telltale Games, his first three seasons of Howyaknow are brought to mobile. In The Walking Dead's first season, you play as Lee during the birth of the zombie infection. Players must use their wits to make unforgiving decisions while trying to protect young Clementine from this harsh new reality. The second season of The Walking Dead lets players experience the zombie apocalypse from Clementine's perspective. In Season 3, players will meet the main character, Javier Garcia. Javier Garcia encounters Clementine while trying to save his niece and nephew to safety.

Each season is filled with heartbreaking choices. These are rarely black and white, and players struggle with the aftermath of each. Having a party you can trust is essential to survival in a dystopian setting. However, you often have to choose between alienating one or the other survivor. The Walking Dead series features compelling narratives that keep players engaged throughout the experience. It's these intriguing storylines and morally grim dilemmas that make The Walking Dead series one of his best zombie games for mobile.

4. Zombie Gunship Survival

Zombie gunshipsurvival - clear hordes of zombies from the sky. In this title, the player provides air support to ground forces while battling the undead from the comfort of his AC 130 gunship. Combat takes place via realistic infrared night vision set on attack helicopters. There are many more to kill than just ordinary zombies. Titan Zombie presents a much bigger challenge. However, Zombie Gunship Survival isn't just about shooting down zombies from above. Build and upgrade your base to protect humanity, upgrade your barricades to slow down zombies, and upgrade your weapons to better protect your base. Zombie Gunship Survival's unique spin on the zombie game genre deserves a spot on our list. Zombie Gunship Survival is without a doubt his best zombie game for Android.


Unkilled is the excellent zombie FPS from MADFINGER Games as zombie outbreaks take New York by storm. Players assume the role of Joe, a member of a private military group tasked with taking down zombies to prevent a global infection. Combat is easy and the controls are easy to learn. Just point the crosshair at the zombie and shoot. This is a real luxury, as so many mobile FPS titles suffer from poor control schemes. Unkilled's story isn't groundbreaking, but it's decent enough. The game contains him over 150 missions and over 40 weapons. Unkilled features excellent 3D graphics that help make the player more immersive. Unkilled also has his PVP mode if you want to take a break from his main campaign. With cute graphics and seamless and easy controls, Unkilled is an immersive mobile title that deserves to be on the list of best zombie games for Android.

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