Mission Zero New Beta Gameplay

Mission Zero New Beta Gameplay


Mission Zero is a competitive 2v4 stealth game with a great integrated gameplay experience. It supports cross-platform play on iOS, Android and PC. Players assume the role of either an intruder or a pursuer as the game unfolds between Sirius and Moebius. Daring hide-and-seek, dazzling skill and gear battles, nerve-wracking escapes, and more, all make Mission Zero an intense experience in Operation Night and Fog!

Can you see through the fairing?

Each mission is a chance to show off your acting skills. Take advantage of everything the environment has to offer, dress up and continue your mission. Camouflage a VIP, caretaker, or whatever you need to seamlessly blend in with the crowd.

An exciting cat and mouse game

As an agent, you travel the world and complete seemingly impossible missions. Four invaders must mingle and gather secret information. The two pursuers must work together to hunt down uninvited "guests".

Choose Your Seeker

Rich combination of chaser skills. Whether it's fist barrage, magic master, or Rampage Girl, let's put the best player on the field!

COOL TECH equipment is at your disposal

Trick or slip chase with creative gear combinations! Is your way to victory the thrill of a chase or a coordinated confrontation? You have a choice!



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