Bless Global is now available on-GameEXO

Bless Global is now available on-GameEXO 

BLESS GLOBAL is a medieval fantasy MMO with immersive aesthetics, bringing magical worlds to life through gorgeous console-level storytelling and graphics. The game features solid combat animations and unlimited mobile combat, providing an immersive and epic gaming experience for all players!

High quality enhanced immersion

An aesthetically immersive magical world is presented through BLESS GLOBAL's gorgeous console-level storytelling and graphics. Elaborate medieval architecture, subtle facial animations, and intricately designed stylish costumes all contribute to a visually appealing world.Thanks to dynamic lighting and a real-time weather system, this Every tree and blade of grass in the fantasy world is full of vitality.

Join a team and enjoy strategic adventures

Each class of character has an infinite number of skill and inscription combination options to deal with different combat situations. During that time, you can also change your combat stance to another class position. For example, the Crusaders are designed to lunge forward in combat, but switching to a different stance can also heal allies behind the team, opening up more diverse strategies and unique to each player. of combat experience is provided.
The dungeon capture of this work requires cooperation between players in both team dungeons (5 people) and group dungeons (10 people). Players are encouraged to work together as each class has its own position. Each stage of progression is made interesting by the game's intelligent bosses, trigger-style level mechanics, and interactive cutscenes. 

Create your own character

The game features a completely free character customization system that allows you to create your own character from dozens of customizable facial features. You won't find a character that is the same as you in this game! Plus, you can make your characters even more unique by giving them different outfits and mounts.

Your Best Friend:pets and mounts

The game features a wide variety of pets and mounts with unique appearances. Glamorous, majestic, cyberpunk, you're sure to find a style to suit your taste. Pets and mounts, on the other hand, are more than just decorations. They can significantly boost your character's stats after proper cultivation. Being the embodiment of strength and beauty, they are the most trustworthy companions on your adventure!


In BLESS GLOBAL, players from all around the world are connected through the Guild & Social system, which promises interesting Guild Missions and exclusive Guild Skills to help members of a guild grow stronger. You can also farm awesome rewards through Guild Dungeons or join your teammates to fight in Guild Royale!


The game is built upon an open economy without the traditional rules regulating player transactions. All types of tokens circulating in this game are not bound to the characters, so players can trade among them to get the items/tokens they need. In this game, anyone has the potential to become a business tycoon! The Free Duel option may also be manually toggled on and off, allowing players to engage in dueling whenever and wherever they like! It's time to explore this massive open world for hidden treasures and have a blast playing this mobile MMO!

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