Download & Play Death Chain: Zombie FPS- GameEXO

Download & Play Death Chain: Zombie FPS- GameEXO

Death Chain is an FPS zombie shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world where only the fittest survive.
A mysterious incident turned millions of people into angry zombies and blew up everything in their path. Break through the undead infested city and reach safety.

A unique fusion of FPS and roguelike games:

Get ready to explore your character's special abilities to survive in a deserted world. Use different combinations to fight and win against zombies and get stronger with each new battle.

 Explore the world - discover new things!

In Death Chain, no two levels are the same and each one is unique. Discover the diversity of each region and face new challenges.

A wealth of weapons and equipment:

Fight zombies with powerful weapons. Choose the right equipment from a huge arsenal and join the battle. Choose one from different weapon types.
Shotguns, assault rifles, revolvers, and various types of grenades to resist monster invasions.

 wide variety of enemies:

Along the way, you will encounter zombies with numerous mutations. Study your enemies' unspoken habits, find their weaknesses, and avoid finishing the undead. Arm yourself with the knowledge to fight the most fearsome monsters in the post-apocalyptic world.



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