Epic Ape Madness: MMO Survival is coming soon

Epic Ape Madness: MMO Survival is coming soon


Explore an open world where humans have never existed! Survive in the harsh city of Aepire. Form a gang, fight other apes and be the last fighter in the crazy world of Epic Ape Madness MMO Survival.

Are you brave enough to go on adventures and earn rewards?

Customize your look

• Take on the role of a civilized monkey.
• In this world, your species is the pinnacle of evolution. • Customize your appearance to stand out in the crazy monkey world.
• Become an epic street hero.


• Build and equip your house:
Many useful items and decorations to make your base more comfortable.
• Research new blueprints while leveling up your character.
• Find valuable resources and use them to craft cool weapons and gear. Survive and advance by all means. adventure

• Explore Epire, a city of vice and madness where the streets are populated by a mafia of monkeys. You will surely have a lot of fun!
• Learn about the inhabitants of Aepire, the wild world and the customs of the locals.
• Find all the Easter eggs and secrets in this monkey world.
• Travel the map to find adventures for every taste.
• Take part in shootouts with the most brutal street gangs. • Show me the grandest town!


• Want to play Epic Ape Madness with your friends? It's easy. Form a clan of monkeys and feel like a real street her gang member.
• Name your gang and strategize in chat.
• Explore PVE locations and level up in multiplayer. Dangerous enemies and bosses won't give up their loot easily.
• Want your gang to be the coolest in Apepire? Gather your friends and show off your weapon collection in PvP. Don't forget your grenades!

The world of Epic Ape Madness MMO Survival awaits everyone who loves to have fun. Try to survive on these crazy roads!



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