Hard Racing is now available on Android

Hard Racing is now available on Android 


A new drag racing simulator from the makers of Drift Legends and JDM Racing car customization games. GOAT cars, an exciting car tuning game and a real racing atmosphere! If you love car modification games and want to challenge yourself to race, welcome to our hardcore car driving simulator!
Hard Racing is a 3D drift online multiplayer and single game. Developed in the best traditions of old school car tuning games and motorsport simulators. Provides maximum realism of physics and auto-tuning.
Customize legendary cars and exciting tracks. Drive your customized car in short runs with cool rivals. Play online drift racing multiplayer with your friends or play offline singles. Be an ace!


- realistic control physics unique for each car

- spectacular physics of epic car crashes and damages

- numerous challenges in the Single Campaign and Events

- worldwide multiplayer with leaderboard and prizes

- amazing highly-detailed cars, tracks, and visual effects

- 3D tuning options:
customize color, livery, decals, rims, tires, and bodykits

- upgrades:
nitro, turbo, intercooler, intake, exhaust and others

- trophy license plates to collect from defeated opponents

- highly engaging drag racing simulator with original atmospheric soundtracks and true engine sounds

- addictive and simple gameplay in breathtaking timekiller


Exciting modes for amazing drift car games online

Daily Events

Complete Daily Events and get a legendary racing car as your prize. Gather a complete collection of cool GOAT vehicles, which you can only customize in exterior but fully upgrade. The extensive tuning options of your car allow you to outperform your rivals. Use nitro to accelerate and handbrake to drift.

Single Career

Play in Time Attack, Drag, Survival, Checkpoint, Sprint and Classic Street Race modes. If you win, you can win prizes and various customization items for your car. The main prize in each career chapter is a unique body kit for your car.


Challenge each player and beat the record. A global leaderboard shows the lap times of other players. Each week, his first five players receive prizes - unique cars you can't buy anywhere else. A true kudos to our motorsport community!


Season 1 has already started. Try your luck and collect a complete collection of racing cars! Feel the real atmosphere of driving cars from the 1995-2000s. Season #2 will be available soon - with new tracks, new challenges and a new collection of cars from the 2000-2005 era.

Join the hard racing motorhead community and burn some rubber in this amazing drag racing simulator! Install this drift online multiplayer now and play the best driving & car tuning game! This exciting online Challenge yourself and your friends with drift racing multiplayer!
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