Experience The Eminence in Shadow RPG- GameEXO

Experience The Eminence in Shadow RPG- GameEXO

Continue the tale with new chapters, beat interesting new demanding situations and get the brand new characters after each new episode with anime-updates!
Featuring current 3-D images and anime cutscenes, Master of Garden's tale spotlights characters with memorable scenes from the anime and untold activities from the mild novels!

Whether you are a fan of the mild novels, or haven't begun to peer The Eminence in Shadow, Master of Garden's tale is certain to fulfill any anime fan!
Every unique "Seven Shadows Chronicles" and occasion tale is supervised via way of means of Daisuke Aizawa, writer of the unique mild novels!
Discover the destiny of the Seven Shadows throughout their "lacking years" farfar from Shadow handiest in "Master of Garden"!

Play 3-D battles directly from the Anime!

Destroy your enemies in interesting anime-fashion 3-D images!

Fight with the Seven Shadows!

Team-up with Rose, Alexia & Beta and unharness their worst! Unleash Rose & Alexia's sister power! Build your dream celebration the use of any person from The Eminence in Shadow! Plus, particular suits will bring about unique warfare animations you cannot see everywhere else! Share your favored mystery actions on social media!

Fill your Combo gauge to unharness Strike Combos!

Master of Garden's particular warfare device generates combinations primarily based totally to your celebration's motion order!
Strategize your nice circulate from near-countless person-order combinations!

Get 1-on-1 time together along with your favored heroine!

Talk on your favored lady at the Home Screen each day!
You is probably surprised... Deepen your bond to peer an unexpected, new facet of her!


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