Naruto:SlugfestX is officially launched-GameEXO

Naruto:SlugfestX is officially launched-GameEXO

Naruto Uzumaki has sealed the Tailed Beast in his body since childhood, making him one of the Tailed Beast's hosts. He meets Sasuke Uchiha, who is his best friend and rival at the same time. Both have the same goal, but how they achieve that goal are very different. what will happen to their trip?

Official version based on the original anime

NARUTO-Naruto- SlugfestX "Naruto" official team licensed 3D action role-playing game anime version compatible. It is a game that reproduces the animation scene of the vast open world and enjoys the original story!

3D open world, explore the land of ninjas!

3D open world scenes from anime are reproduced in 4K ultra-high precision! Uses ninjutsu to move at ultra-high speeds. The player can open a large number of levels and follow an interesting plot. Easy to play, travel the world with just your fingers!

Fair PVP, team building customization

PvP combat is one of the most important modes in the game. In PvP combat, players don't have to worry about moving combat, instead focusing on strategies such as attacking, defending, and dodging. Players can experience authentic ninjutsu. There are many ninjas that players can freely choose to build their own strongest formation. The game lets you combine ninjas and switch between them during battle to create your own ultimate skill combo.

Build a clan and fight in teams

Thousands of players fight together on one screen! Build and strengthen your clan. Conquer lands and make your clan the strongest!

Upgrade and Collect All Ninjas

All ninjas from the anime NARUTO are here! Get a powerful ninja and hone his skills to become the top player in the game! Join the new story and create your future!

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