Top 5 popular mobile games in Bangladesh - 2525

In recent years, Bangladesh has seen an increase in the production of mobile games, with numerous local game studios generating games that are popular not just in the country, but also in other parts of the world. We'll look at some of the most popular Bangladeshi mobile games in this article.

1. Bus Simulator Bangladesh

The theme of 2020 leads us to Bus Simulator 2022, where we hope you like this Bangladesh Bus game.

We give you with a platform on which you can play Bangladesh Hanif type bus in bus simulator. This bus simulator game puts CNG trucks and bus simulator Asia vehicles on the road. We intend to grow and potentially create an Indian bus simulator. A game like BD Bus Simulator India may attract new viewers to this popular Bangladeshi game.

2. Heroes of 71

Heroes of 71 is a battle game created by Portbliss Games, a Dhaka-based game studio. The game is based on Bangladesh's 1971 Liberation War and has gained critical acclaim for its accurate depiction of the war and its heroes. On the Google Play Store, the game has received over 1000,000 downloads.

Heroes of 71: Shamsu Army

  • Defend your motherland and fight till you die.
  • To become a hero, you must repel all enemy attacks.
  • Heroes take use of various locations, such as covering fire and taking shelter.
  • Feel the Hiroshima in your bones.

3. Mukti Camp

In Mukti Camp, you build scout centers to recruit guerrillas, houses to house them, hospitals to treat them, and four different types of training centers to train and battle-ready them. A communication center is also required so that guerrillas can communicate with their families. You must also construct and maintain defense structures to keep your camp safe.

Each Guerrilla in Mukti Camp possesses four distinct sets of skills: strength, precession, agility, and intelligence. Different types of skills are required for various tasks in the game. Wood chopping, for example, necessitates strength, whereas firming necessitates agility.

Fantastic game. However, the updates will not be released sooner. The date is April 7, 2019. No it's 2022.. It would be more interesting if it was improved. We respectfully request that you upgrade this game and add more features... This game has a time limit, so if I complete 30 missions, the game is over. There is nothing else to do in the game. So, if there were more missions and different play areas, it could be more beautiful and interesting. 

4. Annihilation Mobile

Annihilation is a Battle Royale game that pits 5v5 and 60 players against each other. The game is set in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi era.

The player can switch between first and third person perspectives.

The Competitive and E-sports mechanisms are the focus of the 5v5 mode. The Battle Royale mode is more focused on Action Adventure.To be the Last Man Standing, you must focus on survival, struggle, and understand your operator's abilities.

5. Meena 2

I'm a nine-year-old South Asian girl and Unicef cartoon character. I enjoy defying all odds. Riseup Labs created me in 3D for the first time, and you can interact with me in a fully 3D environment.
In this game, I'd like to show you how we cared for my mother while she was pregnant, as well as Rani (my younger sister) when she was a newborn. You'll see how my father, grandmother, Raju, and Mithu assisted me in providing continuous care for my Mother and Rani. You'll have a good time playing with me, Raju, Mithu, and my friends.

To summarize, the Bangladeshi mobile gaming industry has come a long way in a short period of time, and the games mentioned above are proof of the high quality of games produced by local game studios. With mobile gaming on the rise in the country, it will be exciting to see what new games Bangladeshi game developers have in store for us in the future.

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