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If you're looking for offline games similar to PUBG under 100MB to play, it's probably because you have a deep, abiding love for battle royale games like PUBG and PUBG Mobile. Here are the top five games we've ever played, keeping in mind that the graphics can never be as good as the real PUBG game due to its light size.

Top 5 Battle Royale Game Under 100 MB

1. Battle Royale 3D - Warrior63

to battle better and to compete with other players. You start out with nothing after an airdrop landing, so you must fully utilize the advantages of the terrain, buildings, and vehicles to defeat enemies. In less than 15 minutes, you can find resources and weapons, arm yourself right away, leave the Poison Circle, and avoid being attacked by your enemies. Find a way to win the battle, survive in the end, and be the king of it!x

2. Rocket Royale

The main objective of the unique Battle Royale game Rocket Royale is to construct a rocket and leave the island! You must gather crafting materials from falling meteors to accomplish this. Naturally, other players will attempt to steal your rocket, so protect it! To protect your positions, gather wood and construct a fort. By creating and erecting covers around you, the original battle royale game reveals a lot of strategies! Every building is 100% destructible and can be taken apart or destroyed! Although the island of Rocket Rocket Royale lacks parachutes and shrinking dead zones, you can still get around using portals.

3. War Gun: Battle Royale Games

A thrilling cyberpunk shooting game is called Cyber Gun. Land on a sizable island and explore various biomes, including a forest, a desert, and a city with skyscrapers. We also have game modes inspired by CS, such as team death match. There is much more action in this online shooter game than in the previous one.
Be cautious because there are enemies on the battlefield who will hunt and attack for you in addition to you. Live alone, in a pair, or as a squad. Travel by vehicle, hoverboard, or transporter.

4. MAD Battle Royale, shooter

What feature of the online shooting game Mad GunS do you like best? You must enjoy the Battle Royale mode, we wager!
Mad GunS Battle Royale is now available independently of the main game.
Nothing but Battle Royale at this time! This indicates that aside from enemies and the Frenzy Storm, nothing will stand between you and victory!
Build structures, improve weapons, hide, flee, fire, and survive to the very last person!
Get to the top of the leaderboard for all players on the pixels battleground.
For those who enjoy playing Mad GunS' legendary game with fighting in buildings during battle royale sessions and lovely bright graphics but haven't tried the battle royale mode.

5. Hunt Arena: Fire Battle Royale

Action Fire Max lets you experience intense Battle Royale action! In a contemporary setting, fight zombies while driving a jeep across a vast map as the area gets smaller and smaller by the second. You'll need to employ every weapon and strategy you have to survive with 35 players and only 10 minutes left. Regardless of where you hide, snipers and zombies from the opposition can find you. Choose from a variety of vehicles and weapons to create your ideal loadout.
Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS requires you to have a stable internet connection before entering the battleground, in contrast to the aforementioned offline games like PUBG under 100MB. For you, it's not a big deal, right?

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