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05. Among Us

"Among Us" is a thrilling online multiplayer game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Developed by InnerSloth, this social deduction game invites players to uncover the identity of impostors hidden among a group of crew members on a space-themed setting. Released in 2018, "Among Us" gained immense popularity in 2020, thanks to its engaging gameplay and the social dynamics it encourages.

The premise of "Among Us" revolves around a group of players aboard a spacecraft or space station. Each player is randomly assigned the role of either a Crewmate or an Impostor. The Crewmates' objective is to complete tasks and ensure the ship's smooth operation, while the Impostors aim to sabotage the ship's systems and eliminate Crewmates without being caught.

What sets "Among Us" apart is its emphasis on communication and deception. As players navigate the virtual environment, they engage in discussions, trying to determine who among them is an Impostor. Through open dialogue, players present their suspicions, share information, and attempt to persuade others to vote out potential impostors during emergency meetings. These discussions are a critical part of the game, as they serve as a platform for players to analyze behavior, recount suspicious activities, and develop strategies.

04. Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a very popular mobile puzzle game that has captivated millions of players around the world. Developed by King and originally released in 2012, the game quickly became a worldwide sensation thanks to its addictive gameplay, colorful graphics and satisfying mechanics.

In Candy Crush, players must match three or more candies of the same color to remove them from the board. By swiping candies horizontally or vertically, players create matches, which in turn earn them points and advance through different levels. Each level features a unique arrangement of candies, goals, and obstacles, making for an increasingly challenging experience.

One of the main attractions of the game is its simple but very attractive game mechanics. With its intuitive swipe controls, Candy Crush offers a user-friendly experience that is accessible to players of all ages. The strategic element comes into play when players must carefully plan their moves to form powerful combinations, such as matching four or more candies to create special candies with unique abilities. These special candies can clear entire rows, columns or even larger areas of the game board and help players to master tricky levels.

03. Temple Run

Temple Run is an exciting endless running game that has captivated players since its release in 2011. Developed by Imangi Studios, the game offers a fast-paced and exciting adventure as players navigate treacherous paths, avoid obstacles and compete for high scores.

In Temple Run, players take on the role of an intrepid explorer who has stolen a sacred idol from a temple and must now escape the clutches of demonic monkeys that relentlessly pursue him. The game takes place in a lush and mysterious jungle environment, creating an atmosphere of excitement and danger.

Temple Run gameplay revolves around swipe and tilt controls.Players swipe left or right to change lanes, up to jump over obstacles, and down to slide under barriers. The goal is to survive as long as possible while collecting coins to unlock power-ups and new characters.

The further the players advance, the faster the game becomes, more and more difficult obstacles and narrower paths are offered. Sharp turns, crumbling bridges and fiery traps add to the excitement and require quick reflexes and precise timing to negotiate them. One misstep can lead to quick aim, encouraging players to continually improve their skills and surpass their own scores.

02. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless running game in which players take on the role of a character fleeing from an inspector and his dog through subway tracks and cityscapes. The goal is to run as far as possible while avoiding obstacles like trains, barriers and other hazards while collecting coins and power-ups along the way.

01. T.Rex Pixels Dinosaur 

The Google Chrome browser has a fun hidden feature, an offline game that you can enjoy when you are not connected to the internet. It is commonly known as "Chrome Dinosaur Game" or "T-Rex Game".

To access the game, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect your device from the Internet or turn off your WiFi.
  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Attempt to visit a website. You should see the message "There is no internet" with a dinosaur icon.
  • Once you see the dinosaur icon, you can start the game by pressing the spacebar or the up arrow key on your keyboard. The game starts and the T-Rex character starts running.

The aim of the game is to help the T-Rex avoid cactus and other obstacles by timing your jumps. Press the spacebar or up arrow to make the T-Rex jump over the obstacles. The game will gradually speed up, making it more and more challenging as you progress.

Your goal is to get the highest possible score by surviving as long as possible without encountering any obstacles. The game keeps track of your score and you can compete with yourself or challenge your friends to beat your high score.

Chrome Dinosaur Game is a simple and fun way to pass the time when you are offline or having internet connection problems. Give it a try and see how far you can get!

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