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The largest open-world game, Grand Theft Auto VI, has finally been revealed after a ten-year hiatus. Like the next person, we can't wait to see Vice City again. However, until the game's release in 2025, what are we meant to do?

Fortunately, there are some excellent open-world games available on modern Android tablets, including classic GTA games like Vice City and San Andreas. Furthermore, a few of them boast the greatest visuals available on a mobile device. Let's examine a few of the top ones.

1.GTA 6 Mobile

GTA-6 New Miami Map & Cars  Mobile Beta Test

• That's all we know from leaks

  • 2 main characters: male & female (visibly a couple) . Their names are Jason & Lucia.
  • The game is set in modern-day Vice City.
  • Game will revolve around robberies & heists (both characters can be seen robbing a store. Possible coop?). 
  • Game will have stealth mechanics.
  • You can carry a limited amount of guns.
  • You can drop a gun and pick a new one. 

• Note Before Downloading

  • File Name : VI_0.2.1.apk
  • Game Size : 527.3 MB
  • Need  At Least 4GB Ram

2. New RP

The first roleplaying game with an open environment and more than 500 players online is called New RP. In OneState, you can pick your own route!

With One State RP, a realistic simulator set in a wide open environment, you may completely immerse yourself in the ultimate roleplaying experience. As you move around the streets of this vibrant city, compete in exhilarating vehicle races and drifting championships. Learn to drive well and demonstrate your agility and quickness on the racetrack. Become a police officer, uphold the law, and defend the city against criminals.

3. Gangstar New Orleans

The open-world action game gold standard is back, set in the intriguing city of New Orleans. You have everything you need to become a true Gangstar, including hundreds of cars, an incredible weaponry, explosive action, and total freedom to explore this enormous city.
These streets are a haven for biker gangs, corrupt law enforcement, and even Voodoo priests who hide in the bayou.
An open universe game teeming with crime and life
Navigate through narrative missions set in the diverse neighborhoods of New Orleans, including the French Quarter, the impoverished areas, and the enigmatic bayou. There are activities and a distinct flavor to explore in every area.

4. One State RP - Life Simulator

With One State RP, a realistic simulator situated in an expansive open environment, you may fully immerse yourself in the ultimate roleplaying experience. Enjoy exhilarating drifting and racing events while exploring this vibrant city's streets. Develop your driving skills so you can demonstrate your quickness and accuracy on the racetrack. Become a police officer, uphold the law, and keep the city safe from criminal activity.

The possibilities of OneState RP are virtually limitless. Accept a life as a criminal, one in which crime is king. In this realistic crime roleplay, you may plan and carry out daring heists, participate in intense shootouts, and outwit your adversaries. As an alternative, become a police officer and defend the city against lawbreakers that prowl the streets. 


With thousands of players on a single area, Hassle Online is an infinite multiplayer action role-playing game set in an open universe. Either take a side with the law and apprehend the entire underworld, or join the criminal underworld of your home country and assemble your gang! Gain popularity, advance in status, and achieve global dominance.

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