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School life – a time of awkward crushes, endless tests, and the constant struggle to fit in. But what if you could relive those formative years, pixelated perfection and all, without the real-life anxieties? Enter the world of school life simulator games, where you get to control the narrative, embrace the drama (or avoid it), and experience the joys (and maybe even the cringe) of high school through a digital lens. 

05. High School Girl Story Games

High school girl story games are a popular subgenre of video games that focus on the lives of teenage girls in high school. These games often explore themes of friendship, romance, self-discovery, and coming-of-age. While they may be sometimes dismissed as frivolous or superficial, high school girl story games can offer a unique and engaging experience for players of all ages.

04. SAKURA School Simulator

Have you ever dreamt of reliving your high school days, but with a twist of anime mayhem and endless possibilities? Look no further than SAKURA School Simulator, a vibrant and quirky open-world game that lets you do just that, and so much more!

Step into the pastel-hued world of Sakura Town, a charming Japanese town brimming with life. Here, you'll take on the role of a high school student (choose from five unique characters!), attending classes, joining clubs, and forging friendships (or rivalries) with your fellow classmates. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

03. School Days

Love, betrayal, and bad decisions. These are just a few of the ingredients that make up School Days, a visual novel that's anything but your ordinary high school romance simulator. Released in 2004, School Days quickly gained notoriety for its dark twists, mature themes, and multiple endings, some of which are downright disturbing. But is it just shock value, or is there something more to this controversial game? Let's dive in and find out.

02. School Simulator Girl Virtual

Ah, high school. A time of hormones, homework, and heartbreaks. But what if you could relive those glory (or cringeworthy) days, but with a pixelated twist? Enter School Simulator Girl Virtual, a charming and quirky simulation game that lets you step back into the shoes of a high school student, complete with endless customization, pixelated shenanigans, and a surprising amount of depth.

01. US School Simulator Game

US School Simulator 3D is a simulation and development game with two-dimensional characters. In the game, you can study at Sakura University, meet various campus partners, experience the green university life and return to youth. Japanese game style, high freedom of play, free exploration of the campus, overcome various challenges.
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