Top 5 Game Like Forza Horizon 5 For Android & IOS

  Top 5 Game Like Forza Horizon 5 

Forza Horizon 5 is a 2021 Racing video game that is developed by Playground Games and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is the fifth title in Forza Horizon and the twelfth main installment in the Forza series. The game takes place in a fictionalized depiction of Mexico.

Take flight to the exhilarating and visually stunning Horizon Hot Wheels Park in the clouds over Mexico. Drive 10 amazing new cars on the fastest and most extreme tracks ever designed. Design, build and share your very own Hot Wheels adventure. Requires Forza Horizon 5 game, sold separately.

By the way, Forza Horizon 5 is a computer game. Many people want to play the game on mobile. As the game is not released on mobile, no gamers can play the game. So this post is for those who want to play this game on mobile. In this content you want to know, top 5 games like Forza Horizon 5 Game for Mobile.

05. Racing Xperience: Driving Sim


Compete towards combatants or your buddies in multiplayer and show your last using competencies at the asphalt.


Start your adventure and get the maximum of this actual vehicle racing, drag and drifting recreation thru his modes.

-The Career mode lets in you to participate in an extended and tough excessive racing career, purchase and promote vehicles, release new race tracks and rival race.

-Quick Race mode lets in you to take a short race to be able to examine therace tracks.

-Practice mode offers you the threat to develop your using and racing competencies, revel in checking out race tracks at excessive pace, using off-road, parking, hill climb, take a look at your vehicles excessive pinnacle pace, drifting and doing donuts at the asphalt.

-Challenges take a look at your using, racing and drifting competencies to be able to earn rewards to release new vehicles and race tracks.

-Drag Race checks your vehicle pinnacle pace and moving tools reactions.

-Join the multiplayer together along with your buddies, vehicle parking conferences and racing at the song asphalt.

04. HRGT

Game test, the power of the telecellsmartphone and its monitoring, the intake of the device's resources, with high-decision graphics, however now no longer a entire game, however simplest one automobile and a map.

03. Russian Rider Online

Russian Rider is a multiplayer racing game on Russian cars in which you have to compete online with other real players like you.Invite friends and drive online with one of 9 modes:- free car driving with a maximum of 10 players in the room;- classic car time trial online;- drift mode ;- Become a king holding a crown for 2 minutes while running away from rivals;- In Bomb mode, you must escape by throwing the

bomb at another rival give; - Police chase mode: stop players who are too fast;- Soccer and hockey in cars;- Carnage mode;- NEW skill test mode.In-game voice chat will not bore you between multiplayer matches. In addition to communication, you can find partners for your next race, share your impressions and even meet the developers.VAZ, Niva, Volga, Moskvich, Lada Priora, Lada Vesta and more Russian cars

is waiting for you to compete online with thousands of players from all over the world.

Choose different skins for your car.


  • Real dynamic gameplay
  • Autotuning
  • Simple controls
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Precise physics

02. Asphalt 9: Legends

The Asphalt series is the name of Gameloft's popular mobile racing games. The series even predates Android and has seen nine main installments and several offshoots.

Asphalt 9: Legends is the ninth main installment featuring more than 50 cars of different rarities and classes. Players can participate in online multiplayer races in other scenic locations like Forza Horizon 5.

01. Tuning Club Online


  • Take a free ride and chat with friends;
  • Achieve maximum performance in speed racing;
  • Leave smoke trails on the track in Drift mode;
  • Fight for the crown in Keep-the-crown mode;
  • Don't let anyone catch you in Bomb mode;- 


Collect power-ups in levels to slow down your opponents, earn money, get nitro, collect the crown or a real Staging lightning; 


Place bumpers, body kits, hoods, spoilers, apply vinyls or skins, choose tires and wheels;
Personalize the car with your own unique style with skins, install police and FBI lights, taxi sign, clown head, crazy exhaust pipes and more;


  • Create an Motor that suits your playstyle and become a pro; 
  • Comb rare parts and their unique properties;
  • Pistons, crankshaft, camshaft,
  • flywheel and other parts install;
  • Adjust suspension, camber and balance;
  • Change tires for better grip.
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